Natural Shelters Are Innovative

Natural Shelters for Bus and Rail Operators have been designed from the ground up with a host of innovations that save, time, money and resources.

Our shelters are built using the world's most advanced and durable low carbon modified wood, Accoya. A very hard wearing modifed timber with a tactile quality that travellers enjoy and value as an investment in them by the transport operator. Within this Natural Shelter environment we can provide a complete suite of digital services to keep your travellers safe, informed and fully supported whilst using your networks. 

Built in Sustainable Low carbon Accoya. Providing travellers with a suite of integrated digital features that can be specified and rearranged to meet individual transport operator needs

Built in Sustainable Low carbon Accoya. Providing travellers with a suite of integrated digital features that can be specified and rearranged to meet individual transport operator needs

Accoya - Built to Last

For transport operators Natural Shelter represents a fantastic long term investment. Unlike traditional steel and aluminiumn shelters that generally need to be replaced between 10-25 years, Natural Shelters are designed to last 50 years with no maintenance, apart from cleaning. Unlike steel and aluminium shelters, Natural Shelters high quality engineered wood will age beautifully. The older they get, the better they look: 

  • The wood is accredited with a host of awards for its sustainability combined with advanced properties from its engineered treatment.

  • Left unpainted the wood will patinate to a mellow, silver grey.aluminium

Shelters can be moved and relocated at any time in the future as transport needs change, saving on the cost of new shelters and lead times. 

Standard Features
Our standard rail shelters are designed for Train & Bus Operating Companies and are of high quality and competitively priced. Standard Rail Shelters and Standard Bus Shelters include lights, generous benches and perch seats, extensive robust glazing and timetable cases. Each shelter is CNC machined to exacting specifications and fully enabled to take a range of digital technologies and Communication and Information Systems.  These digital services are fully integrated and designed from the ground up. That is from manufacture to installation and through to public service.  

Our agile digital manufacturing model means that Natural Shelters can be adapted to your T.O.C (franchise needs), without tooling or long lead times. 

Accoya is affordable and innovative. Metal shelters will only last 10 to 15 years before residents will be demanding a replacement and the whole fatiguing process of finding funding, getting approval for installing a new shelter will repeat itself. Over the 50 years life of the shelter the cost of ownership will be £1000s less than metal competiros saving operators the cost of the shelter three times over.  

Simple to Maintain
Imagine no longer having to worry about replacing parts. Just arrange simple cleaning cycle as an when required.  All materials have a 50 year life guarantee.  

Simple to Install & to Redeploy
No need to excavate pavements, risking hitting uncharted service cables and pipes.  Where sites access allows, your Natural Shelter can be delivered on its own 150mm thick concrete foundation raft.  When craned into place this will lie flush with the platform or pavement and above all services.  If in its 50 year life the shelter needs moving, for example due to change in passenger footfall or road widening, it is a simple matter of re-lifting the shelter to its new location.

Simple to Repair
There are no dark arts to maintaining a Natural Shelter, it is made of wood afterall. Either a local carpenter, a regular maintenance engineer, or one of the Natural Shelter workers can easily fix and repair the wood work. In the case of replacing glazing we have contractors on hand to fit replacements anywhere in the country as needed and the same appllies to electrics.