Natural Shelter Guide

Understanding your shelter

We have created a comprehensive guide to the shelters currently installed in Cornwall UK.  Please download the complete guide.



Maintaining your shelter

A distinction needs to be made between 'Cleaning' and 'Maintaining'.  Your shelter has been constructed using the highest quality components and materials that are designed to be maintenance free. However it will need cleaning if you want it to remain in the best aesthetic condition. (see 'Cleaning your shelter')

If the shelter is glazed by your own contractors, insist on 10mm toughened glass and that they use of long lasting exterior silicon glazing paste.  During the decades of life for the shelter the glass may need re-siliconing if exposed to harsh weather conditions, but this is a cosmetic matter.  

We supply the timetable cases with a stainless steel 'pig nose' locking key.  However some bus operators insist on the use of the common 'trilobe' key that is standard in the bus industry.  This is only available in a plated mild steel and over time this part may need replacing due to corrosion.  

Cleaning your shelter

The section on cleaning your shelter is available here.  Please circulate to anybody who is cleaning your shelter.




Bus Timetable and Information Display cases

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  • Recommended artwork size
  • Recommended longlife material for printed timetables  
  • How to change your printed timetable